How Did We Get Here?

We started in a basement of a house outside of Nashville in 2014.

Since then, we've fulfilled over 1 MILLION orders.

We were working with our friends Relient K to release vinyl versions of their music and make it available directly to fans through their website. Over the years we got pretty good at licensing vinyl and started It’s grown into its own online record store community with over 20 exclusive vinyl pressings….from artists such as Switchfoot, Louis Armstrong, Five Iron Frenzy and TobyMac with over 50,000 units sold!

In the process, we also got better at e-commerce development & management, warehousing, shipping, fulfillment, merchandise design, manufacturing and customer service. We began to offer our services to other artists and brands so they could also better reach their fans directly. We’ve since moved out of the basement and now occupy a 5,000 sq ft warehouse near the Nashville airport.

We’re full service - from product idea to the fan’s front door!